Northern Ireland Practical Shooting Match Calendar: 2015

The Calendar is updated regularly. More matches will be added, so please re-visit frequently

Please Note: Click on Club Links below for non IPSC sanctioned matches and other club shooting information.

The following points will hopefully avoid any confusion in relation to what some of the terms in the calendar mean; 'Club Match' - this is a match that will be run to IPSC rules but is not an NIPSC sanctioned match therefore the requirements of rule 6.5 (2015 HandgunRules) regarding IPSC membership don't apply.  Anyone that the host club is satisfied can participate safely is welcome to compete.  We will include these on our calendar for the benefit of our members however scores from these match will not count for any IPSC purposes:
Level I - this is smallest type of IPSC match with recommended minimums of 40 rounds, three stages and ten competitors.  Whilst IPSC membership is recommended it is not mandatory.  If you are new to the sport, this is where you should start.
Level II - This type of IPSC match that is hosted regularly at our affiliated clubs with recommended minimums of 80 rounds, six stages and 50 competitors.  You must be a member of the IPSC region in which you reside as per rule 6.5 in order to compete.
Level III - Recommended minimums of 150 rounds, twelve stages and 120 competitors.  You must be a member of the IPSC region in which you reside as per rule 6.5 in order to compete. 
You must be signed off as a safe shooter in order to participate in IPSC competition.  Our affiliated clubs offer courses that are run to the highly regarded Canadian 'Black Badge' syllabus.  If you need safe shooter training go to  and click on the 'email' link. We offer training on a ‘at cost’ basis at a charge of £15 per student to be paid at the time of booking.  The course comprises a full day of classroom and range work.  You must have basic gun safety skills in order to participate in this training and should come prepared with a suitable handgun, rig and 100 rounds of ammunition. 



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